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Get Inspired With This Cinema 4D Tutorial Roundup

Johnathan Paul

Get inspired with this Cinema 4D Tutorial Roundup and you’ll be on your way to making some amazing 3D creations.

The Greyscalegorilla community produces some excellent Cinema 4D tutorials. Here’s a handful of our favorites. From lighting and collision, to animation and logo text, these tutorials cover a little bit of everything.

The Foggy Tunnel Effect

First up is an amazingly easy Cinema 4D tutorial on how to recreate The Cave of Forgotten Books by DeviantArt community member racoonart.

Fast 3D Topographies

Do you like playing around and creating terrains in SimCity’s God Mode? Well if you do, you’ll want to check out this Cinema 4D tutorial on how to quickly create topographies of rolling hills and colorful terrains.

Using Collision Deformer To Create Shockwaves

In this tutorial, the Greyscalegorilla crew shows us how to recreate the wave effect seen in this video by Sogno.

You can download Sogno’s project file here from his Dropbox. Now on to the tutorial!

Animate Broken Text and Geometry

Learn how to break up text and geometry in creative ways and then how to animate it all. These techniques have a wide range of uses in motion graphics and VFX work.

Line Art Animations in C4D, CINEWARE and After Effects

This tutorial uses C4D Lite, which is now included in the latest iteration of After Effects CC. The Lite version of C4D has limitations, but it’s still a great tool and asset to have with AE. It will definitely help you integrate 3D into your motion graphics work.

Want to learn more about the possibilities presented by Cinema 4D? Check out a few of the following resources:

  1. Check Out this Inspiring Music Video Created with Cinema 4D
  2. Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: Morphing Between Objects
  3. Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: Animated 3D Script

Did you use these tutorials to create some cool stuff in Cinema 4D? Share your work in the comments below.