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Gimbal Reviews: Gudsen’s New Moza & a CAME-7800 Update

Johnathan Paul

The gimbal market gets more crowded with the new Gudsen Moza and a CAME-7800 update. Get the scoop with these Johnny Wu gimbal reviews.

The gimbal market is crowded with options, and one of them, the CAME-7800, recently received an update. Meanwhile, Gudsen just introduced the Moza. Both are fairly inexpensive options. The CAME-7800 comes in at $1380 for the full bundle, and the Moza is releasing at around $2245. To give you an overview of each gimbal, we’ve rounded up a group of videos by Johnny Wu from MDI.

Here’s Wu going over the CAME-7800.

Next, Wu goes a bit more in-depth and shows you how to calibrate the CAME-7800.

In this video, Wu shows us how easy it is to switch out cameras on the CAME-7800.

Let’s take a look at the Moza Gimbal.

Finally, Johnny runs both gimbals side by side.

Thinking about adding either of these gimbals to your gear? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.