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How to Capture Great ADR With Audition

Johnathan Paul

Noise happens. When it’s time to get into the studio and dub some dialogue, here’s how to nail down your ADR with Audition.

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There are a whole host of reasons of how and why audio becomes useless and you need ADR. Let’s take a look at the process and how Audition fits into it.

Automated Dialogue Replacement

ADR, or Audio Dialogue Replacement, is the process of adding additional recording to supplement the original recording. This process is also called dubbing and it usually takes place when dialogue lines from the previously captured production audio are too noisy and undistinguishable.

Here’s an easy to follow ADR breakdown from Filmmaker IQ.

Audition’s Automatic Speech Alignment tool can help be incredibly helpful to the ADR process. As Larry Jordan shows us in this next video, you can use the Automatic Speech Alignment in Audition to help sync the original production audio and the ADR together quickly and easily.

If you edit your productions in Premiere Pro, then chances are you know how to integrate Audition and Automatic Speech Alignment into your workflow. However, if you’re new to Premiere Pro, then follow this simple step-by-step guide from Peachpit TV.

What’s your ADR workflow? What tools do you incorporate into the process? Share your knowledge in the comments below!