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Indiegogo and Vimeo Join Forces to Support Filmmakers

Johnathan Paul

Indiegogo and Vimeo strike a deal to bring match funding and distribution to filmmakers.

If you are a filmmaker and you’ve used Kickstarter exclusively for crowdfunding, you may want to pay close attention to the news coming from Sundance this past weekend. It was announced that Indiegogo and Vimeo are joining forces as a powerhouse support system for filmmakers.

In the agreement, Indiegogo funded films will find that Vimeo is now the “preferred distribution platform” for their content. Vimeo is also setting up an ongoing creator fund, however this fund will be for select funded Indiegogo campaigns. These select films will have exclusive distribution through Vimeo On Demand. “Indiegogo is leading the way for next generation filmmaking,” said Slava Rubin, CEO of Indiegogo.

Mirroring the diversity of our open platform, we are proud to support an incredibly robust community of filmmakers across multiple genres. With the addition of Vimeo as a distribution partner, it is now easier than ever for filmmakers using Indiegogo, to pursue their passions, receive funding, garner global exposure, and deliver their work directly to their fans.

Filmmakers who setup their crowdfunding through Indiegogo, will be able to utilize some impressive benefits that you won’t find on any other crowdfunding platform. Here are the highlights:

  • Matching funds: Vimeo’s new Creator Fund will commit up to a million dollars in matching funds for select Indiegogo funded film campaigns in 2015.
  • Vimeo marketing dollars: Vimeo will contribute digital marketing spend and social promotion for campaigns in the matching funds program and other selected Indiegogo funded film campaigns.
  • Free unlimited fulfillment: Participating campaigns will have access to free fulfillment on all digital download perks via Vimeo VOD.
  • Discounted Vimeo PRO: Indiegogo film campaigners will be eligible for a substantial discount on a Vimeo PRO membership.
  • Featured collection on Vimeo: An ‘Indiegogo Funded Films’ collection will be featured on Vimeo, which reaches over 170 million global users a month.

In addition to the above highlights, Indiegogo announced they have joined the newly established Vimeo On Demand Publisher Network. Vimeo is also creating a dedicated Indiegogo WOD home that will rotate selections of Indiegogo funded films curated by Vimeo. “Vimeo is all about giving power to the creators,” said Kerry Trainor, CEO, Vimeo.

This partnership highlights both Vimeo and Indiegogo’s continued support of independent filmmakers on a global level, and provides Indiegogo’s community of creators an opportunity to be exposed to an even wider audience via Vimeo’s transactional VOD platform.

Malcom Carter’s The Connected Universe, currently the highest funded documentary film in Indiegogo’s history, is the first project to participate in the new partnership.