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Meet our Artists — Introducing Signature Series by PremiumBeat


Meet PremiumBeat’s musicians, producers and composers within our new Signature Series. Listen to their work and understand their creative process.

If you’ve been a part of the PremiumBeat community for a while, you may have come across some artists to whom you keep coming back again and again for their killer tunes and perfect tracks. It may be a certain tone they have or a sound you vibe with, but for whatever reason, you have a connection with these artists — just as you would with any other music you listen to on a daily basis.

We’re lucky to collaborate with some of the best artists from around the world, and we thought that it was time to introduce some of them to showcase the amazing talent we host on our site, so we decided to start the PremiumBeat Signature Series. Some of our artists have worked with world-renowned musical acts, and we wanted the chance to show you the faces behind your favorite PremiumBeat tracks.

Why Artists Choose to Work with PremiumBeat

Signature Series - keyboard

We work hard to recruit incredible talent at PremiumBeat in order to bring you the best tracks possible. So why do artists prefer to work with us? Because we have the infrastructure to get their work seen, heard, and downloaded by thousands of people looking for the best music.

Signature Series - music software

These tracks might appear in a nationally syndicated commercial or the next indie gem on the film festival circuit — whatever the use, people are listening to the music.

Artist in Focus: Vincent Tone

Signature Series - Vincent Tone
To start off our Showcase Series, we want to introduce you to Vincent Tone, (a.k.a. Ruffsound). Vincent Tone has produced for chart-topping artists such as Dua Lipa, BLACKPINK, and Loud, and his music spans many genres, including electro-pop, house, and inspirational.

Signature Series - browsing records

Vincent started out when a friend introduced him to some music software and told him that he could use it to make beats. He made his first track, brought it to school, and after everyone started rapping along to it, he thought he might have found an interesting way to make a living. He didn’t really have access to any tracks he could use when he was starting out, so Vincent dug through his mom’s vinyl collection for inspiration and samples.

Signature Series - Vincent Tone at work

From there, he learned music theory and the art of creating sounds without any formal training through pure determination and study.

Signature Series - Vincent Tone at concert

Vincent’s work has become a staple of the PremiumBeat music collection, and his work has accompanied TV shows, commercials, and projects of all different kinds.

Coming Soon from the Signature Series

Throughout the Signature Series, we will introduce you to more and more artists — such as Tiny Music (featured above), who crafts intricate and memorable melodies that bring an extra level of emotion to your soundscapes.

Signature Series - Let's Create

Stay tuned for more stories about our incredible contributors. We’ll give you even more behind-the-scenes glimpses at the talent behind the royalty-free music that makes our library the best resource for high-quality tracks for any creative project.

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