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PremiumBeat.com announces new partnership with MotionVFX.com

Ashley Kennedy

PremiumBeat.com has partnered with motionVFX to pack a high quality one-two punch for stock music and Apple Motion templates.

I interviewed Szymon Masiak, owner and creator of motionVFX, to ask him a little about his company, as well as the new partnership with PremiumBeat.com.

Tell us a little about motionVFX.  What types of templates do you offer?  What types of projects can benefit from the use of your templates?

motionVFX is the only original place of Apple Motion Templates – actually the only source approved by Apple. Additionally, we produce awesome Motion 5 & Final Cut Pro X plugins, Adobe After Effects Templates and Maxon Cinema 4D projects.

We focus on delivering ready-to-use, fully customizable projects with the highest possible quality. The benefits from these projects are unimaginable—what our clients receive is a ready-to-use project where all you have to do is drop in your own footage, change the text and re-render it. We have hundreds of clients who purchase our projects and use them in high profile TV/Broadcast/Film productions, so basically, for a small budget, we help others become visible. If you are an agency, a director or a one man army, our products indeed will make you stand out.

Tell us a little bit about the motionVFX blog, mBlog.  What types of topics do you typically cover?

mBlog is a part of our vision of sharing information for free. We cover all topics which are close to our hearts like Apple, Final Cut Pro, DSLR, video cameras, computer graphic, etc.—so we share everything that interests us: Filmography, Computer Graphics, Mac and production.

What types of tutorials do you offer at motionVFX?

motionVFX tutorials are currently based on our own plugins (like mFlare for example), however in the near feature we will be publishing more advanced lessons related to Apple Motion and FCPX. Of course, everything is free of charge.

Why did you decide to partner with PremiumBeat.com?

PremiumBeat.com offers complex and sophisticated music which we don’t always have the time or resources to create. It’s an awesome, ready-to-use and unique database that  I couldn’t find anywhere else.

How do you see the intersection of the motionVFX’s templates and PremiumBeat’s stock music?  What is your hope for this partnership?

PremiumBeat’s stock music gives us an opportunity to show our great content from the new perspective. It’s very important. Previously, our templates were offered for the public without sound. Even though they were produced with highest possible quality, they were missing the “soul.”  So the key point was the music. PremiumBeat is a perfect place for such content.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about motionVFX or this new partnership that you would like the readers of the PremiumBeat.com blog to know?

Make sure to visit our site daily: there is always new content available – everyone will find something interesting. www.motionVFX.com