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The Perks of a PremiumBeat Member Account

Georgia Gleason

Besides being free and easy to make, there are a ton of benefits to creating a PremiumBeat member account. Let me show you a few.

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A lot of us here at PremiumBeat are video professionals just like you. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to make your job easier. Not just by throwing daily video tips up on the blog… It carries over to the “royalty free music marketplace” part of our job, too. We’re constantly testing ways to improve your experience on the site, and we get a real kick out of finding little ways to improve your workflow and make your process more efficient.

And that’s why I can’t stress this enough: You absolutely should have an official PremiumBeat member account. It’s a simple move that can save you a lot of time and speed up the way you work. A PremiumBeat member account is packed with features that were designed with one goal in mind: making your life easier. Let’s take a quick tour of some of the great benefits that come with signing up.

1. Easily Download Your Licenses and Invoices

The Perks of a PremiumBeat Member Account: Easy Downloads

Although it’s an option to purchase licenses on our website as a guest, we always recommend creating a member account for myriad reasons. For one, your account allows you to log in from any computer in the world and access your order history. If you need a copy of your license on the go or while traveling, you can rest assured that your member account has your back.

For a PDF invoice or license, log in to your PremiumBeat account. Place your pointer over your email address (top right of your screen) and select Orders & Downloads from the drop-down menu. In the Order History area, click on the appropriate Order ID or the Order Details button. Once in the order, you’ll see a Download Invoice/License PDF button. This will generate a PDF invoice or license.

2. Faster Checkout

The Perks of a PremiumBeat Member Account: Faster Checkout

Purchasing new licenses as a member is a time-saver because you can choose to store your credit card or PayPal information in your account. Skip the step of manually entering your payment information for every purchase and put that time towards your project instead.

3. Edit Past Invoices

The Perks of a PremiumBeat Member Account: Edit Past Invoices

Besides merely accessing your documentation, you can also edit the information in it. If you need your invoice to show a different address or name, you can simply modify or add the information in your account’s Info & Billing tab and immediately download an updated invoice.

4.Playlists and Favorites

The Perks of a PremiumBeat Member Account: Playlists and FavoritesImage via Shutterstock

As a member, you can save your favorite tracks or organize them into playlists. Save a track to your favorites list by clicking the heart icon to the right of the track title. If you need to make a list of potential tracks for your project to present to a colleague or client, the playlist feature is perfect. Use the Share button to send a shortened link or an email. If a track works, the listener can purchase a license directly after listening.

5. Upgrading Licenses

The Perks of a PremiumBeat Member Account: Upgrading Licenses

We recently rolled out an exciting new feature for our members: license upgrades. Did your online-only spot get picked up for TV broadcast? Now you can add extended coverage to your Standard License through your member account by hovering over your email address at the top of the page and selecting Orders & Downloads from the drop-down menu. Select the order containing the license you wish to upgrade, then click Upgrade License from the order details page. Finally, simply select the license(s) you wish to purchase and proceed through checkout.

If you have any questions about making a PremiumBeat member account or any of our license offerings, we are only an email away. Happy listening!