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RED is Upgrading from the Dragon: Introducing Weapon

Johnathan Paul

As NAB 2015 approaches, RED releases info about its newest upgrade: Weapon

With NAB, the annual National Association of Broadcasters convention, just under two months away, RED recently released some info about its newest upgrade. It’s called Weapon and from where we sit, it looks to be a body upgrade.

Jarred Land, the president of RED Digital Cinema, sent some tidbits to REDUser in an effort to give everyone a head start on planning for the upgrade. Let’s take a look at what he said.

RED Weapon Body
Image Courtesy of RED

Dragon Owners Only

One of the first things Land mentions: To be eligible for the Weapon upgrade, you must own or upgrade to Dragon. The Red Dragon sensor quickly gained a lot of headlines when it was released a couple of years ago. With its 19 megapixel sensor that captures images up to 6K, it exceeds the native exposure of 35mm film and supports 16.5 stops of dynamic range. This information almost cements the fact that this will be a body upgrade versus a sensor upgrade.

Mysterium-X Coming to an End

The Mysterium-X sensor upgrade has been around since 2013, and from what Land writes, it’s all coming to an end in late June of this year. With both Epic and Scarlet bodies eligible for the Dragon upgrade, it only makes sense to phase this sensor out. There is some good news, however. Beginning February 23rd, owners will be able to upgrade to the Dragon at the lower price point of $9500. There is no word on how long this upgrade window will last.

RED Weapon BodyImage Courtesy of REDUser

Other Items of Note

Land’s info-dump ends with a few assorted factoids. Some of the more important and interesting items worth noting:

  • The RED Weapon will move from the standard REDMAG media to the MINI-MAG, as write speeds have increased and the form factor has changed.
  • DSMC lens mounts will be compatible with the upgrade.
  • There be an Epic Dragon to Carbon Weapon upgrade path.

What that last tidbit entails, well, we have no idea. For that and the rest of the Weapon upgrade information, we’ll just have to wait for NAB.

What do you think about this news? Are you a RED owner, and if so, will you make the jump to Weapon?
Give us your thoughts below!