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A Look at Vimeo’s Mobile Shooting and Editing App

Jourdan Aldredge

Let’s take a quick look at the Vimeo mobile app and some of the updated technologies for smartphone shooting and editing.

The age of smartphone filmmaking is looking more and more like it’s very much in the immediate future — if not already here. While there are plenty of smartphone apps available for shooting and editing directly in your smartphone (both iOS and Android), there’s another familiar name for filmmakers to consider.

Vimeo released an update for their smartphone app platform that boosts their video hosting, sharing, and community to include some solid shooting and editing tools, as well. For anyone who’s recently invested in the filmmaker-focused iPhone 11 (or anticipating the iPhone 12’s video capabilities), having another well-established brand adapting for the in-smartphone filmmaking space is just more good news.

So, let’s take a look.

Recording Video

A Look at Vimeo’s Mobile Shooting and Editing App — Shooting with a Smartphone

Vimeo’s new recording technology is a welcome addition when shooting with a smartphone. Image by jaboo2foto.

Whether you already have the Vimeo app downloaded for managing files and sharing in the community (or if you’re looking to download the app, you can find it for iOS and Android), this new video recording technology is a welcomed addition.

The setup is simple and straightforward, with all the expected functionality you’d like to find in smartphone shooting. Video footage can be recorded and uploaded in 4K, 1080p, 720p, or 540p. You can toggle audio recording, work with your smartphone’s built-in lighting, add a rule-of-thirds grid, and even record with several different filters.

From there, you can do some basic trimming of your video clips, before uploading. You can also upload clips from your smartphone there, as well.

Uploading and Privacy

Uploading directly to Vimeo from your smartphone has its advantages and might be a great option for video journalists, or those looking to create a quick project on the run. The Vimeo mobile app has everything you’ll need for simply and directly uploading your recently shot videos, including title, description, and even privacy controls. All similar to what you’d find uploading using the desktop platform.

Settings, Comments, and Stats

A Look at Vimeo’s Mobile Shooting and Editing App — Vimeo App

The mobile app allows you to keep an eye on your video once it’s posted, as well as make changes, if necessary.

Once your video is up on Vimeo, the mobile app is also a great way to make changes and keep tabs on how your video is doing. You can always edit the basic settings — including privacy options for watching, commenting, and downloading — as well as check any comments as they come in.

You’ll also find all the advanced stats regarding plays, likes, impressions, play rate percentage, and plays by URL concerning how your video is doing.

Live Video Streaming Support

For those who use Vimeo’s live video streaming service (which is a paid program), you can also use the mobile app to livestream videos directly through the Vimeo player, or any of the other social platforms that Vimeo supports, including Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube, and Twitch.

Cover image by GaudiLab.

You can read more about the full updates and download the Vimeo mobile app here. For more smartphone filmmaking and video hosting news and advice, check out these articles below.

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