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Intro music is the first impression you make on listeners, so just like any first impression, you want it to be a good one. PremiumBeat’s library of intro music is here to help leave your audience wanting more.

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Enhance the Professionalism of Your Work

By adding intro music to your video or podcast, you wordlessly inform your audience that you take your work seriously. Intro music offers your project a professional air, effectively branding your content with an audio logo. Each time that intro music plays, your audience will know they have a well thought out project before them.

Catch Your Audience’s Attention

Just as popular songs tend to include a musical hook that engages listeners, you can use intro music to catch and hold the attention of your audience. Pull them in right away with a beat they can’t help but tap their feet to. An uplifting intro tune will get them primed and ready to focus on your content.

Set the Tone

In the words of film director David Lynch, “The sound, picture, and ideas have to marry. If an idea carries with it a mood, sound is critical to making that mood.” Intro music is one way to immediately establish a mood for your audience. Ask yourself how you want your viewers to feel and then use intro music to stir up those feelings. For in-depth tips on how to set the tone with music, check out here.
About Music Intros
What is intro music?
Intro music (also, entrance songs, opening song, or intro audio) is the passage or section of the music that opens a movement or a separate piece. It comes before the main theme or lyrics, establishing the melodic, rhythmic, or harmonic material that will be a main component of the piece. Intro music can help pull listeners into the song and build anticipation for what is to follow. Many intros are instrumental, while some include the verse, chorus, melody, or baseline of the song. An “A cappella” intro is also an option, meaning that several lyrics will be sung or spoken without music. Intro music is used in a number of different productions. When used at the start of a podcast, it can serve as a sort of recognizable jingle that helps brand the podcast. In video projects, intro music offers an introduction to the coming video. The music may be played as viewers watch a montage of establishing shots or the initial credits.
How do I get intro music?
Stock music libraries make it easy to access and download intro music for your upcoming projects. The PremiumBeat royalty-free music library has a number of intro music options to choose from. By using our advanced filter options, you can find the exact sort of intro music you have in mind within moments. Enter “intro” into the search bar and then press “Enter” or “Return” on your keyboard. You can then scroll through to explore your intro music results or start playing with filters to further hone in on the song you want. Click the “Genres” dropdown menu and check the corresponding boxes beside the genre of your choice. Looking for “Easy Listening”? Kick back and relax because we’ve got you covered. Or maybe you want something energizing? Select “Dance Pop” and you’ll be up on your feet in no time. No matter the tone you are hoping to establish with your intro music, you are sure to find it within the PremiumBeat library.
How do I make intro music for YouTube?
If you are already involved in the steady creation of content for your YouTube channel, then you know how much time it takes to make a compelling video. It takes that much more time and skill to create intro music. Rather than stress trying to do it all yourself, you can work smarter, not harder, by allowing PremiumBeat to do the time-intensive work for you. Our library of royalty-free intro music has been carefully curated to meet your needs. Select the “Genres” filter and click the box beside “Audio Logos” to hear intro music made to help establish your YouTube channel as a recognizable brand. Does your video deal with technological concepts? Our “Glitchy Logo” may just be the upbeat techno sound you are looking for. Mindfulness and meditation more your thing? Take a listen to our “Relaxation Intro Logo.” Explore our intro music library. Your ears (and rapidly lowering stress levels) will thank you.
How to add intro music to a YouTube video?
Adding intro music to a YouTube video is simple. First you will need to open up your video editing software of choice. Import your media, meaning your video and intro music. Once your files are uploaded, drag and drop them on the timeline. In most video editing software, when you select your audio track, a line with shading will appear. Click and drag the line up or down to adjust volume levels. Use Audio Effects such as Fade Out at the end of your intro music to provide listeners with a smooth transition from song to silence or narration. To align the length of your intro music with the corresponding transition from intro to main video, click the end of the audio track and drag to the left. This will cut the song down and prevent it from playing throughout the duration of your video.
Can I use copyrighted music for a YouTube intro?
The simple answer is no. If you use copyrighted music for a YouTube intro, you will owe money to the copyright owner. If you are using this music without express permission from that owner, YouTube will immediately take down your video or partially mute it. In order to avoid this unfortunate scenario, it is essential that you use only licensed, royalty-free music in your YouTube video. The good news is that PremiumBeat’s extensive library of music is entirely royalty-free. This means you can license it for use in your videos and other such media without fear of any legal repercussions. Take a look at PremiumBeat’s various license options and pay a one-time fee for the license that best suits your musical needs. You can then easily search, find, and download the intro music that will take your YouTube video to the next level.

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How to use music intros

Using intro songs for YouTube videos

Adding intro music to your YouTube videos is an easy and effective way to up the professionalism of your channel. It shows you have put time and thought into making this channel the best it can be. When it comes to using intro music in your YouTube videos, there are a few key questions to ask yourself. What is the main content of your channel? What are the recurring themes? Let’s say you are making videos for a sketch comedy channel. Quirky, upbeat intro music would match the tone of your channel far better than a sweeping and serious orchestral piece. By using the same lighthearted intro music at the start of each video, you effectively announce to viewers what sort of content they can expect to see while simultaneously branding your channel in their minds.

Using intro music for podcasts

The PremiumBeat library offers a number of Audio Logo tracks that are perfect for podcast intro music. Short and catchy, these audio logos become your aural signature, a way for listeners to instantly recognize your podcast. The intro music you pick will of course depend on the content of your podcast. A dramatic storytelling podcast will need different intro music from a comedic interview podcast. When you feel clear on what your podcast is all about, take a listen to the many options available to you within our library. When you find the song that you can’t quite get out of your head, you’ll know you’re onto something. If that song matches the tone of your podcast and establishes the appropriate mood, then you’re in business.

Using intro music for meetings

By using intro music at the start of your virtual meetings, you have the ability to powerfully affect the tone. Perhaps you are concerned that your team is feeling tense about the serious matters you are about to discuss. Playing professional, relaxing intro music as all team members come online can help cut down on that tension. Alternatively, if your team has a big presentation and you want to hype them up, some upbeat and inspiring intro music may be just the thing to get everyone feeling confident. Energizing intro music can also be helpful for those post-lunch afternoon meetings when sleepiness tends to set in. Over time, if you find there is a specific intro song your team responds most positively to, you can choose to use it regularly as a sort of theme song. A little playfulness never hurts.
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