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Improve Your Podcast with Royalty-Free Music Tracks

The key to a successful podcast is establishing a unique-but-consistent image and tone. Here’s how royalty-free music tracks can help.

Invented alongside the iPod back in 2004, the podcast has, in the last few years, seen an epic resurgence. The truth is, you don’t need much to start a podcast. A microphone, basic audio editing software, a topic, and some willing participants are all you need to get a podcast going. But, it can be hard to stand out in a crowded podcast market.

So how do you make an impression on a listener who takes a chance on your podcast? The answer is twofold: first, make great content, and, second, have a great intro song. Here’s the good news, though, Premium Beat has a great selection of songs to choose from.

How to Pick a Song for Your Podcast

There are a few ways to find the perfect song on Premium Beat. To sort through a list of great songs, this curated playlist has a collection of podcast intro-worthy songs, which should lead you in the right direction. While this is the easiest way to find a song, there are other ways that offer more variety.

PremiumBeat genres

You can search the PremiumBeat music library by genre.

On PremiumBeat’s home page, hover over to Genres, where you’ll find all manner of different genres, such as chill out, easy listening, and games. Each genre presents a wide selection of curated songs for your listening, but if you prefer to choose by mood, PremiumBeat has that too.

PremiumBeat moods

Moods are another popular way to search PremiumBeat’s library of royalty-free music.

The Mood tab on PremiumBeat’s website offers an assortment of different moods for every situation. Murder Mystery podcasters can look through the Crime/Thriller/Spy mood, while comedy podcasters can sort through the Comedy/Funny mood.

PremiumBeat search

Searching by keyword or instrument is the best way to get specific results in your search.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, try typing in a keyword in the search bar. Keywords can be anything, so if you’re looking for a song with a specific instrument or mood, this is your best bet. Whether you’re looking for a suspenseful song or something more lighthearted, PremiumBeat is sure to have what you’re looking for.

How Licensing Works

Licensing for podcasts is simple. For $49, you can use your PremiumBeat song as much as you want in as many projects as you want, in perpetuity. Take a look at the licensing page for more information. Once you have the license, you’re free to use the song however you like, and you won’t have to worry about paying a recurring fee.

PremiumBeat is the Right Choice

PremiumBeat tracks

Every standout podcast needs a standout theme song.

To reiterate, for a podcast to stand out, you need a great intro song. PremiumBeat has a large collection of songs that can suit your needs and a straightforward licensing agreement. But more than that, PremiumBeat eliminates the frustration that comes with creating your own custom song.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a musician to create a song for you, PremiumBeat gives you the chance to still find a track that is right for you. Sure, there is free music out there, but PremiumBeat’s composers are music professionals who make music for major advertisements and TV shows. So, browse the PremiumBeat collection and improve your podcast with an awesome intro song.

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