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Looking for an audio library that can provide quality background music for your vlog? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you need happy vlog music, adventure vlog music, or anything in between, PremiumBeat has you covered.

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Set the Mood

Whether your vlog is heart-warming, funny, or anything in between, PremiumBeat has the music to help you create a mood for your viewers. Play happy vlog music as an intro to instantly instill cheerful feelings in your audience. Add high-quality background music to sustain your intended mood throughout the length of your video. Search PremiumBeat’s music library by “Mood” to quickly and easily find tracks to meet your needs.

Amplify Your Narrative

A well-chosen track can enhance your vlog’s narrative by adding dimensionality. Have a technology vlog? Opt for music with an electronic sound. Run a nature-focused vlog? Acoustic, natural-sounding music is the way to go. Regardless of your vlog’s subject matter, you are sure to find what you need amongst PremiumBeat’s many genres and subgenres of music.

Increase Production Value

All of the music you hear in the PremiumBeat music library has been created by creative professionals from around the world. Add any one of our tracks to your vlog and your production value instantly goes up. Use our vlog music to tie your project together and create a finished, professional product. Get started today.
About vlog music
What is vlog music?
A vlog is essentially a video blog. Vlog music is the music played during a vlog post. Many famous vloggers share their thoughts and experiences with viewers on YouTube or other social media platforms in the hopes of forging a personal connection with their audience. Vlog music can help strengthen the emotional connection between vlog creator and viewer by positively affecting the viewer’s emotions. The internet is home to a wide variety of vlogs, as well as a range of vlog music to match the subject matter and tone of those vlogs. The music played in a travel vlog post will naturally differ from that of a gaming vlog or beauty vlog.
What music do vloggers use?
Many vloggers use electronic or house/dance music in their video posts. If you are new to vlogging and looking for musical inspiration, try checking out the posts of your favorite vloggers. Pay attention to the music they use in their videos. If, for example, you are starting a beauty vlog and you notice that many beauty vlogs feature upbeat ukulele music, you may want to search music libraries like PremiumBeat for some catchy ukulele tunes. Our search engine allows you to search by instrument, genre, mood, and more, so you can find your ideal vlog music in moments. Keep in mind, a vlog can be as personal as you would like it to be, so if you love acoustic guitar tracks and you feel that music matches the tone of your vlog, go ahead and use that in your videos.
Can I use copyrighted music in my vlog?
If you want to use copyrighted music in your vlog, you will need to get permission from the copyright owner. This can be a time-consuming process, but it is non-negotiable. If you post a vlog on YouTube, for example, and your vlog includes a copyrighted song that you don’t have the rights to use, your video may be muted or taken down. Avoid copyright issues entirely by using royalty-free tracks from PremiumBeat in your next vlog post. With our monthly subscription plan, you can download 5 tracks every month for just $12.99 per track. Successful vloggers know that posting regular content is key, so a subscription plan ensures that you will always have high-quality music waiting for you.
Where can I get background music for vlogging?
For a diverse collection of vlog background music, look no further than PremiumBeat. Our easy-to-use search engine is here to help you find background vlog music that will take your vlog to the next level. Background music works best when it doesn’t have lyrics that will distract from your own words. To find lyric-free instrumental songs, go to the PremiumBeat search engine and scroll down to the “Advanced” filter option. Click it and select “Instrumental Only” from the corresponding dropdown menu. Explore the other filters available to you to further specify the exact sort of music you want to hear. Search by “Genres,” “Mood,” “Instruments,” and more. When you find the tracks that you want to be your background vlog music, add them to your cart, head to checkout, select a license, and download. It’s that simple.
What is the best music for vlog intro?
Instrumental music is generally a good choice for vlog intros. That said, the specific type of music you use in your vlog intro will largely depend on the subject matter and tone of your vlog. Keeping in mind that vlogs are personal by nature, you will want to use a song that expresses some aspect of your personality. If you are an upbeat, cheerful vlogger, then an equally upbeat, feel-good song could be a solid intro song choice. If you run a gaming vlog and want to create an exciting mood that will match the action of your gameplay, then intense music may be more your speed.
How to build playlists with vlog music?
PremiumBeat makes building a playlist of vlog music simple. Let’s say you want to create a playlist of study vlog music. To begin, go to the PremiumBeat search engine. Use our advanced filters to search for the tracks you think would make good study music. Soft classical music or instrumental music is generally considered better background music for studying than fast, loud music with lyrics. You can search for classical songs by clicking the “Genres” filter and selecting “Classical,” or even select a subgenre of classical such as “Baroque” or “20th Century.” Of course, if you prefer a different genre when you study, you can search for that instead. Once you have found the songs that inspire you to hit the books, create your playlist by clicking the heart icon to the right of a given song’s title. Then simply log in or create an account with PremiumBeat in order to save these custom playlists and share them.
How to license vlog music?
If you want to run a successful vlog, you will need to post videos on a regular basis. To regularly post high-quality content that features catchy music, a music subscription plan is the way to go. PremiumBeat’s monthly subscription plan allows you to download 5 royalty-free tracks each month. Every download includes the full-length track, as well as loops, stems, and shorts. These songs are covered by our Standard License, perfect for anyone sharing web-based, non-commercially distributed content. You can use the license for unlimited projects, worldwide, in perpetuity. With over 20,000 songs in our ever-growing library, you can rest assured that you will have no shortage of excellent music to add to each of your vlog episodes.

Looking for specific corporate music?

Take a deep-dive into our music collection and filter tracks by instruments.

How to use vlog music:

Vlog music for YouTube

When selecting vlog music to include in your next YouTube video, be sure to consider the general tone of your channel. If you present your vlog with a friendly, upbeat air, then happy vlog songs can make a great addition to your videos. Neuroscience has actually found that music and happiness are intimately linked, and happiness helps our brains to function more efficiently. So if you want your audience to remember both the message you share in your vlog and that subscribe button, be sure to include some happy vlog music. Scientists have found that happy songs are about 140 to 150 BPM and written in a major key. Search the PremiumBeat library using the “BPM” filter to find your feel-good tracks.
Vlog music for background

Background music can be a powerful way to brand your vlog. If you are just starting out, watch the videos of your favorite famous vloggers and pay attention to the music they use. If their content is similar to the content you intend to create, you may want to look for music from the same genre. That said, you can stand out from the crowd by adding music that captures your personality and is not simply the popular vlog background music of the moment. Regardless of which option you choose, keep in mind that background music works best when it does not distract viewers. Instrumental tracks make for solid background music because the audience can focus more easily on your words and not get lost in lyrics. Musical genres such as Ambient, Acoustic, and Cinematic often work well as background vlog music.

Vlog music for travel vlog

Adding the right music to your travel vlog can help transport your audience to the city or country you’re exploring in your video. The best way to do this is to play the music of the region featured in your vlog post. If, for example, your video is all about Hawaii, add some ukulele music. If you’re traveling through India, try some Bollywood tunes. You can easily search for music from around the world on PremiumBeat. Simply go to our search engine, look at the list of filters on the left side of the page, and click “Genres.” Scroll down to the “World” option and select the region whose music you would like to hear. If your travel vlog is not focused on one specific country but is instead covering multiple countries in a single post, look for music that captures the mood instead. For example, a backpacking travel vlog could benefit from the addition of music in the “Adventure / Discovery” category on PremiumBeat.
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