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Tunes for Travelers: Royalty Free Music for Travel Videos and Vlogs

Andrew Taylor

Inspire globe-spanning adventures with a royalty free music playlist designed to reflect the freedom of travel.

Tunes for Travelers: Royalty Free Music for Travel Videos and Vlogs — River

On a list of dream jobs, travel vlogging has to be near the top. Who wouldn’t want to make extra money exploring far-flung corners of the globe and sharing their experiences in awesome videos? Vloggers like VagaBrothers and Karl Watson are doing just that. And since two out of three potential travelers are watching online destination videos before planning their trips, travel vloggers can set trends and influence vacation habits like never before.

As royalty free music experts, we believe that the right soundtrack can make any travel-inspired video that much more enticing. If you want to start travel vlogging, or even if you have a tourism promo to put together, it’s worth taking a moment to think about the music you use.

Whether you’re taking your audience into the heart of a busy city or to the shores of an exotic beach, your travel videos should rely on music to awaken a viewer’s adventurous spirit. Positive, inspirational tracks tend to work best. For example, Dream On Costa Rica uses the PremiumBeat track “Earth, Wind and Power” by Simon Charrier. When the music kicks in at the 19-second mark, it complements the inspiring, dreamlike quality of the video perfectly.

Our music team has curated a playlist specifically with travel videos in mind. These bright, free-spirited tracks will effortlessly set the tone of your next vlog or tourism promo. Each track is royalty free, so by purchasing a simple license, you can use your tracks online in as many travel videos as you want. In other words, the world is your oyster!

Tunes for Travelers
Tunes for Travelers
Transport viewers to faraway destinations with music that brings to life the freedom of travel.
  • Wanderlust
  • Upbeat and building, featuring pulsing strings, piano, hand claps and atmospheric rises that lead to an energetic dance groove and create a positive and empowering mood.
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  • Clapapalooza
  • Pulsing and optimistic, featuring warm acoustic guitar, female vocal oohs, piano and hand claps that create a sunny, uplifting mood.
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  • Beach
  • Bouncy and bright, featuring an upbeat Dance Pop groove, featuring floating synth textures that create a party mood.
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  • Wander
  • Warm and soothing, featuring smooth synth textures, electric guitar and a building downtempo groove that creates a dreamy mood.
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