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November 25, 2013
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After Effects Tutorial: Vector Tree Animation

This simple animation for creating trees in After Effects is simple and perfect for seasonal projects.

In this After Effects tutorial we get down with some foliage - creating an animated grove of trees with a simple flat design style. Using only shape layers, a few keyframes and a simple AE expression you can dynamically animate the creation of the tree. Bonus: because the trees are vector based you can scale them without any loss of quality.

Check out this After Effects tutorial here (best viewed full screen):

There’s many applications for a simple tree design, but it seems especially fitting for a fall, holiday or Christmas themed project.

This is a beginner to intermediate After Effects tutorial, so you don’t need to be a motion graphics expert to dig in. It utilizes a number of fundamental techniques, so it’s great practice if you’re just starting out in AE.

How will you use this After Effects tree animation?
Share your thoughts, experiences or suggestions in the comments below!

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  • Locosoco

    Hi Evan,
    first off all thank you so much for doing this, I’m just starting out with AE and your tutorials are a lot of fun and help a lot!
    however I run into a problem with the easy ease on a couple of your videos.
    in this video from 2:55 onwards you are talking about easy ease. when I follow everything step by step I run into a problem here. If you go into your graph editor your graph looks very different to the ones I at that point are having on AE, yours go up and down (and the number on the X axis goes up to 500) while mine just go up steadily to 100.. Is there a difference in settings to solve this issue I am having?

    Thanks again!

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