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After Effects Video Tutorial: Sliding Intro

Evan Abrams

Create a smooth sliding intro in this After Effects video tutorial.

In this exciting video tutorial you’ll learn how to create a sliding intro that utilizes shapes and alpha mattes. Here’s what the final product will look like:

This look is fairly easy to create…it just takes a little time. After Effects fundamentals covered include:

  • Importing Adobe Illustrator EPS Files
  • Timing Animations to Sound
  • Using the Graph Editor to Create Smooth Animations
  • Using Alpha Mattes to Reveal Layers

In the tutorial we’ll explain how to use the graph editor to smooth out animations. If you want to give your animations a more realistic feeling I strongly recommend using the graph editor. If you don’t feel like smoothing out your animations by hand there are a few tools you can use like Ease and Wizz and Motion by Mt. Mograph.

Have any tips for creating a sliding intro? Share in the comments below.