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Video Tutorial: Wave Patterns in After Effects

Evan Abrams
By Evan Abrams
By Evan Abrams

Create awesome wave patterns using this simple After Effects technique.

In this Premiumbeat exclusive tutorial, you’ll learn how create a “stencil-like” wave pattern in After Effects. This tutorial is a great alternative to buying expensive pattern creating plug-ins. The tutorial covers complex shape techniques including:

  • Linear gradient strokes
  • Utilizing patterns create depth
  • Using a shape layer with a repeater
Prefer reading to watching? Check out the full step-by-step tutorial below.

Tutorials such as this one demonstrate a technique that can be applied to a wide array of projects. If you have a unique way of utilizing these techniques please share in the comments below!

Click any image for larger view.

1 Create a new composition. Create a light grey layer.
2 Create a new shape layer. Draw out an “S” curve with the pen tool with no fill. Add a linear gradient to the stroke.
3 Set opacity in the middle to be 100% opacity and the sides to 0%.
4 Add a repeater and set the copies to 100.
5 Adjust the repeater to offset position by 10 pixels on the x and y axis.
6 Add a rotation of 2 degrees.
7 Set the scale to 99.
8 Animate the offset from 100 to – 100 over the course of 10 seconds.
9 Animate the position from 8 to 12 on the x and y axis.
10 Animate rotation from 1 to 3.
11 Animate scale from 101 to 99.
12 Animate the path from an “s”curve to a more simple curve.
13 Fine-tune.