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15 Common Filmmaking Mistakes

Caleb Ward

Spare yourself some frustration and get acquainted with these common (and avoidable) filmmaking mistakes.

No matter how much planning you do, mistakes are going to happen. The key is to learn from your mistakes and become a  better filmmaker. In order to speed up the learning process (and maintain your sanity), check out these 15 tips presented by D4Darious. The video covers:

  1. Weak Story
  2. Undercooked Scripts
  3. Bad Sound
  4. Poor Casting Choices
  5. Poor Shot Composition
  6. White Walls
  7. Poor Lighting
  8. Unnecessary Insert Shots
  9. Lingering
  10. Too Many Pregnant Pauses
  11. No Blocking (Moving)
  12. Too Much Chit Chat
  13. Action for the Sake of Action
  14. Clichés
  15. Generic Music

This video was first shared by Darious on the D4Darious YouTube channel. We absolutely agree with Darious’s last point. Music has the power to dramatically change the the feeling of your film or video. The next time you’re looking for handpicked music for your video projects, check out our library here at PremiumBeat! Want to take your filmmaking skills to the next level? Check out a few of these enlightening articles:

How many mistakes from this list have you made? Have any other tips for newbie filmmakers? Share your stories in the comments below.