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15 Videos That Prove Drone Piloting Isn’t Easy

Caleb Ward

Feel bad about your drone piloting skills? Here are 15 videos to help you feel better.

One of the best things about drones becoming more popular every day? More videos of drones crashing. Despite the fact that UAVs are continuing to become more advanced, there’s always something that can go wrong when flying them. Between dead batteries and wild animals, it seems the old adage holds true: What goes up must come down. So, if you’re in the mood to have a good laugh (or cry) here are a few videos you should definitely watch.

Please note: Your PremiumBeat staff prides itself at providing you with helpful tips within each and every article we post. Our only tip for this article? Don’t do what these guys did!

1. My first day with my drone

  • Synopsis: Man barely saves his new toy from a pond.
  • Created By: Zwier Spanjer

2. Keep an eye on battery life

  • Synopsis: Man saves drone from lake.
  • Created By: redphive

3. Ultimate Drone Save

4. DJI F550 Hexacopter crash after flight above the clouds

  • Synopsis: Hexacopter loses signal very high in the air.
  • Created By: Stefan Ekstam

5. Massive Crash with Phantom Drone!

  • Synopsis: Phantom crash at law office = lawsuit.
  • Created By: Jay Kelley

6. Amazing Drone Crash

  • Synopsis: Large drones can seriously damage cars.
  • Created By: Percy Lipinski

7. DJI Drone Inspire 1 Crash

  • Synopsis: Quadcopter flies straight into garage.
  • Created By: JukinVideo

8. $15K Arial Photography Drone Helicopter Fly Away Crash

  • Synopsis: Filmmakers rescues drone from rainforest tree.
  • Created By: CineChopper

9. Drone Quadcopter hits groom in the head

  • Synopsis: A cinematic wedding gone wrong.
  • Created By: WeddingMan123

10. Angry ram takes down a drone… and its owner

  • Synopsis: The title says it all.
  • Created By: Angry Ram

11. Caught on camera: Kangaroo punches drone out of sky

12. Hawk vs. Drone!

13. Blade 350 QX drone crash in Hawaii

14. 4K GoPro DJI Drone Crashes in RTH Fail

  • Synopsis: There’s only one thing to avoid…and he hits it.
  • Created By: DronedOut

15. Drone Crashes into Skateboarder

  • Synopsis: Drone hits skateboarder during front-flip.
  • Created By: DronedOut

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Know of any other drone crash videos? Got any horror stories about wrecking your own gear? Share in the comments below.