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25 Inspirational VFX Breakdowns from Hollywood

Caleb Ward

Go behind-the-scenes with these amazing Hollywood VFX breakdowns.

Despite the fact that the VFX industry is undergoing a serious shift, the demand for amazing visual effects persists. From the subtle effects in American Hustle to the blockbuster VFX sequences in Godzilla, we’ve rounded up incredible breakdown videos that unveil the magic behind recent Hollywood films.

If you know any other VFX breakdowns we should include, link to them in the comments below!

1. X-Men Days of Future Past

Breakdown by MPC

2. Godzilla

Breakdown by MPC

3. Sin City

Breakdown by World of Motion

4. Resident Evil: Retribution

Breakdown by Mr. X Inc

5. American Hustle

Breakdown by Marc Dominic Rienzo

6. White House Down Breakdown

Breakdown by Prime Focus World

7. World War Z Breakdown

Breakdown by Prime Focus World

8. Men In Black 3

Breakdown by Prime Focus World

9. Tree of Life

Breakdown by Prime Focus World

10. Final Destination 5

Breakdown by Prime Focus World

11. G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra

Breakdown by Prime Focus World

12. Non-Stop

Breakdown by Prime Focus World

13. Immortals

Breakdown by Image Engine

14. Flying Swords

Breakdown by Sam Khorshid

15. Elysium

Breakdown by CGBros

16. Zero Dark Thirty

Breakdown by Sam Khorshid

17. Lone Survivor

Breakdown by Sam Khorshid

18. The Pacific

Breakdown by Iloura

19. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Breakdown by Iloura

20. StarTrek: Into Darkness

Breakdown by PIXOMONDO

21. Blind Alley

Breakdown by Onirikal Studio

22. Dredd 3D

Breakdown by Prime Focus World

23. Splice

Breakdown by BUF

24. Underworld Awakening

Breakdown by Rodeo FX 

25. Red Tails

Breakdown by Rodeo FX 

Want to see even more VFX breakdowns? Check out a few of the following links:

Know of any other inspiring VFX breakdowns? Share in the comments below.