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Learn How To Create 2D Motion Graphics with After Effects

Joshua Noel

If you are eager to learn more about After Effects, this tutorial will help jump-start your next 2D motion graphics project.

The world of 2D motion graphics can be a fulfilling hobby and profession. It gives you the opportunity every day to tell a story without any limitations. However, understanding how to use the tools can take quite a bit of time, which can be daunting. No worries! This After Effects 2D motion graphics tutorial will set you up with the essential beginner’s knowledge to get started.

If you are new to After Effects, try using the project file included in the download below to follow along. It includes all of the assets and files you need to get started!

Download Now!

Adobe After Effects is a huge application with endless menus of effects, tabs, tools, and so forth. In this tutorial, we focus on what you will use every day. We look at shape layers and how you can build your 2D motion graphics by stacking graphics and adding effects to create animation groups.

Learn How To Create 2D Motion Graphics with After Effects — Still

What You’ll Learn From This 2D Motion Graphics Tutorial

To cover the basics of 2D motion graphics, this tutorial will take you step-by-step through creating a logo intro. Here are just a few of the many unique concepts you’ll learn in this After Effects tutorial:

  1. Shape layers
  2. Linear and easy ease keyframes
  3. Working in 3D space
  4. Controlling your color palette
  5. Creating stroke animations
  6. Using solid layers for motion graphics

Remember: your job as a motion graphics artist is not only to produce great animation but also to create animation that makes sense for the brand project or story you’re working on. It’s easy to go off track and create graphics just because you want to fill every inch of the composition. Do what makes sense, and try to find the motivation behind every graphic.

Enjoy the tutorial and good luck!

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