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Video Tutorial: Create an Action Promo With After Effects

Joshua Noel

Need a fast-paced action promo for sports projects or high-energy videos? We’ve got you covered with this video tutorial.

Whether you’re working on a sports project or a video that simply needs a fast-paced feel, creating action-based motion graphics can draw your audience in. In this Adobe After Effects tutorial, learn how to create multiple action promo elements that make standard sports clips look awesome!

The 4 Techniques in This After Effects Tutorial

Video Tutorial: Create an Action Promo With After Effects — 4 Techniques

1. Design Elements

To enhance the mood of your footage, be sure to add motion graphic elements. A solid color layer with the opacity lowered can help separate the titles from the background. Then adding shapes at random points in time will make your composition seem more important. You can easily repeat shapes across your composition by using the “Repeater” in the shape layers menu.

Video Tutorial: Create an Action Promo With After Effects — Action Promo

2. Split Screen

A unique effect that you can apply to your composition is to split it in half. This can help draw eyes to the center of your title. Then be sure to add a drop shadow to create contrast.

Video Tutorial: Create an Action Promo With After Effects — Split Screen

3. Optics Compensation

One of the easiest effects to apply is “Optics Compensation.” This effect distorts your composition around the edges and draws complete focus to the center of the screen. Moreover, Optics Compensation is fantastic for creating custom transitions between slides.

NOTE: Be sure to add the “CC Force Motion Blur” effect to create realistic motion blur when there is animation.

Video Tutorial: Create an Action Promo With After Effects — Optics Compensation

4. Glitch

Creating the glitch effect is a universal motion graphics technique that can look great in most projects. When it comes to an action promo, the glitch effect works perfectly. In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to quickly create a custom glitch map — and how to control the number of glitches per second.

With these four action promo techniques, you can create the basis of a successful, high-energy After Effects project.

Awesome Action Promo After Effects Templates

Showdown from Rocketstock.com is a full 18-slide action promo template.

Pavilion From Rocketstock.com features a complete sports branding package for sports shows.

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