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4 Mind Blowing Software Demos from Adobe Max 2014

Caleb Ward

These 4 software demos are the coolest thing you’ll see all day.

If you’ve been following software news over the past week you may have the latest updates from Adobe. Along with some pretty awesome software updates, Adobe demoed some of the newer features that they are looking to include into for future versions of Creative Cloud. The  demos, featured below, are sure to impress.

1. Time of Day

Time of Day is a feature that works with Photoshop to modify the look of your photograph so that it appears to have been taken at a different time of day. To create this effect, Adobe has used over 400 timelapse videos to gather information about how sky, land, water, and urban environments interact with light throughout the day. Once you select your picture the software will scan it’s database of 400+ timelapse videos and examine which one your picture is most like. It will then apply the same color changes to your picture to give you the ability to scrub your way throughout your day and your picture’s look will change with it. The result is absolutely astounding and we are excited to see this technology in action. Also, very curious to see to see how this technology works with video.

2. DeHazer

The Dehazer effect does exactly what you might imagine, it removes haze from your images. But unlike other dehazing software, Adobe’s dehazer works intelligently to not oversatureate your image or shift your colors. The feature works to remove haze due to fog, but it can also remove haze created by lens flares and even fix murky water. The effect can also work backwards to add more haze to your image if you so desire.

3. Visual Speech Editor

Visual speech editor is a software featured designed to change the way we edit audio. Instead of simply relying on waveforms to edit your audio the Visual Speech Editor intelligently recognizes the words in your audio and color codes them based on vowels and consonants. If this technology takes off it will definitely make audio editing much easier.

4. Gap Stop

Jump cut video on the left, Same video with Gap Stop software applied on the right.

The last demo, and perhaps the most amazing, is a new featured geared toward Premiere Pro. The Gap Stop can intelligently blend editing points together to create seamless interviews. While we have seen other third-party frame blending softwares create a similar effect, the Gap Stop is lightyears ahead. In the following example video you can see this new feature in action:

These videos were only demos and are not current updates to the Creative Cloud, but they do give us some insight as to what to expect from Adobe in the near future. If you want to see more product demo’s from Adobe Max 2014 you can check them out on the Creative Cloud YouTube page.

What do you think of these ‘concept’ features?
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