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5 Awesome Stop Motion Lego Videos

Caleb Ward

We’re blown away by these stop motion Lego videos!

With the recent success of The Lego Movie we thought it would be cool to take a look at the process of making stop-motion Lego videos. Lego animation, like claymation, takes a lot of time and patience. Just like making a regular movie, you will need to do a good amount of pre-production before you start. The following are 5 great examples of what can be achieved with good planning and a whole lot of patience.

1. Battle of the Brick

A Lego recreation of the Zanzibar map of the Halo franchise follows the epic battle between red and blue. Video from GameTrailers.com.

2. Lego Thriller

This video uses Legos as pixels, rather than stop motion characters, to create an awesome effect. Video from Berlin, Germany’s Talking Animals Animation Studio.

3. Adventure Time Title in LEGO

With it’s stunning detail and complexity this amazing video is a Lego recreation of the cartoon series Adventure Time. Video by Screen Novelties.

4. Lego Cl!ck 

Integrating both human and non-human elements together, this stop-motion video shows what happens when ideas just “click”. Video by visual effects studio a52.

5. Lego Arcade

A Lego recreation of classic arcade games. Video by Michael Hickox.

Do It Yourself!

Feel inspired to make your own stop-motion Lego movie now? If so, the following video will demonstrate you how you can make your own Lego stop-motion video. All you need is a camera, Legos (or Megablocks if you can’t afford Legos) and a lot of patience. Video by Ffrangconator’s Animation.

If you feel like making a Lego video but don’t have access to Legos you could always animate one using a 3D modeling software like the Lego Movie. C4DZone’s BrickGen can take your 3D models and make them “Lego-fied” in Cinema 4D. BrickGen is currently avaliable for about $12. The following video shows how it works.

Have you ever made a Lego stop-motion video? Do you know of any other awesome Lego centered films? Share in the comments below.