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5 Effective DIY Dolly Hacks

Caleb Ward

Save money with these DIY camera dolly hacks!

Dolly shots have become increasingly popular with indie and low budget filmmakers over the last few years, as more and more affordable options have been hitting the market. However, you may be on a shoestring budget and looking to create the same slick dolly shots. This is where DIY equipment comes in handy.

I have a love/hate relationship with DIY equipment. It’s usually pretty cheap and fun to build, and can also be a pain to work with. So before we look at the following hacks just keep in mind that a “hacked” dolly doesn’t compare to the real thing. Renting is also a good option and may save you a lot of frustration later on.

If renting or borrowing isn’t in the cards, check out the quick-fix hacks in the video above, presented by Film Riot. These hacks show us how a little creativity on-set can create some very captivating results. These hacks include:

  1. Using a Car
  2. A Rolling Chair
  3. A Wheelchair
  4. Sliding Cardboard Across Carpet
  5. Holding a Tripod
If you want to create more DIY equipment check out our DIY sliders post.

This video was first shared on Film Riot’s YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing guys!

Have any dolly tips? Share in the comments below.