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7 (More) Simple Photography Hacks

Caleb Ward

You don’t have to be rich to use these 7 simple photography hacks.

As an artist you may need to save every penny you can. So instead of going out and purchasing extremely expensive equipment, try using some of these very simple photography hacks that utilize everyday household objects laying around your house. If you haven’t watched it yet check out this video:

Just to get an idea of how expensive each hack costs, we’ve gone ahead and priced out each technique so you can know how much to save. Most of the items on the list are probably just laying around your house.

1. Lens Protector

Tools Needed: Beer Cosy

Total Cost: Free – $2.19

2. Reflective Product Photography

Tools Needed: A Black Tile

Total Cost: $2.97

3. Light Painting

Tools Needed: Anything with a portable screen.

Total Cost: Free, just use your phone.

4. Glass Ball Effect

Tools Needed: A Crystal Ball

Total Cost: $15.00

5. Fire!

Tools Needed: Lighter & Aerosol Can

Total Cost: $2.00

6. Soft Filter

Tools Needed: Hose-Style Sock & Rubber Band

Total Cost: $2.00

7. Spotlight

Tools Needed: Mirror

Total Cost: $5.00

(BONUS #1) Tube Light

Tools Needed: Florescent Tube Light

Total Cost: $8.77

(BONUS #2) Rain Protector

Tools Needed: Plastic Bag & Rubber Band

Total Cost: $2.00

This video was first shared on COOPH’s YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing guys!

Know of any other cheap photo or video hacks? Share in the comments below.