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9 Must-Read Articles for Filmmakers (May 2016)

Johnathan Paul

Freelance filmmakers and videographers need to keep their ears to the ground for the latest industry news. Here are a few recent must-read articles for filmmakers.

Media consumption is an important part of maintaining inspiration. Film and video professionals should constantly devour movies, commercials, music videos, books, and articles. They should look ahead and identify trends and look back at where the medium has been. With that in mind, here’s a collection of nine must-read articles for our readers living the video production lifestyle.

1. The Tools You Need to Make VR

Virtual reality is here to stay — though there are some challenges ahead for filmmakers who want to create VR content. First and foremost is the complete obliteration of the traditional language of film production. Beyond that are the tools. Luckily for us, RedShark News has rounded up some of the very best gear for filmmakers looking to get their next VR project underway.

2. Free Letterbox Template

9 Must Read Articles for Filmmakers (May 2016): Letterbox Templates

Want that cinematic look that only letterboxes can provide? Well, we’ve got you covered. Our very own Caleb Ward has compiled 352 free letterbox templates for filmmakers. The templates come in 8K, 4K, HD and SD, so you’re definitely going to find the right template for your needs.

3. Why to Storyboard and Edit Your Own Films

Storyboarding isn’t for everyone. For instance, Robert Eggers, director of The Witch, uses a shot list. For many, however, storyboarding is absolutely crucial. It certainly was for High-Rise director Ben Wheatly, as he told No Film School’s Emily Buder. Wheatly used over 1,000 storyboard panels to develop and envision his film before cameras rolled. Check out his experience in the link above.

4. What it Takes to Shoot a Big Project

Writer and filmmaker Carlos Alcos interviews Spencer Cordovano about his short documentary, Spirit Bear. Cordovano explains how he prepared for the difficult shoot that sent him deep into the rain-soaked wilds of British Columbia. Check out the full interview above.

5. Future of Live-Action VR

Dive into the possibilities of live-action VR as ProVideo Coalition’s Art Adams offers insight he gained at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) Expo. Adams makes some good points regarding the increasingly obvious gap growing between burgeoning technology and capable storytelling.

6. Make Your Videos Look Better in 30 Seconds

9 Must Read Articles for Filmmakers (May 2016): Premiere Pro Timeline

Shutterstock’s Jourdan Aldredge delivers a great tutorial on how to make your video project look better in just 30 seconds. The article explains how even minor adjustments in post-production can help deliver major cinematic results.

7. Google Jumps into the TV Service Game

Google is taking aim at Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu by announcing a new foray into television services. Why is something like this important to filmmakers? Because it highlights changes in the industry, specifically the move away from traditional distribution models.

8. Kodak and Kickstart Want Filmmakers Shooting on Film

Kickstarter and Kodak are working together to put 35mm and 16mm film into the hands of indie filmmakers. This program is open to any filmmaker who launches a Kickstarter campaign. If you love shooting on film like I do, then this initiative is worth checking out.

9. Shapes: 35 Free Drag-and-Drop Video Assets

Our friends at RocketStock recently released a free pack of 35 exclusive drag-and-drop “shape” video assets. The simply designed elements are easy to use and can quickly add some style and life to your motion design projects. Plus, the video assets have all been rendered out in a ProRes format that includes alpha channels, so you don’t have to worry about using blending modes.

Do you know of any recent big news that we missed? Share it with your fellow professionals in the comments below.