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A Masterclass in Composition That’s Actually Fun to Watch

Caleb Ward

Learn the basics of composition in this entertaining masterclass.

If you’re in the field of photography or filmmaking, chances are you think about composition a lot. In short, composition is the arrangement of elements in your image. It’s is often the  ‘je ne sais quoi‘ that separates a good image from a bad one.

If it took masters such as DaVinci decades to perfect, we should probably put more thought into image composition than “it looks good”. In the following masterclass created by Division05 we will learn the basics of composition in an easy-to-understand video.

The video covers various compositional concepts such as depth, color, texture, direction, shape, density, scale and value. On top of theory, the video features a few real world examples of composition, showing us in detail the direction in which an audience’s eye travels across an image.

You can check out more helpful tutorials from Division05’s YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing!

Do you have any tips for creating better compositions? Any other tutorials you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below.