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Adobe After Effects Tutorial: The Power of Precomps

Caleb Ward

Harness the power of precomps in After Effects.

To be efficient in After Effects it’s imperative to have an understanding of precompositions, also called ‘precomps (nested compositions).

  • Precomps can keep your projects organized and can minimize the number of layers you have in one composition.
  • They allow for quickly adding effects and filters to multiple compositions at once.
  • If you make changes to a nested composition it will update in every precomp where it is used.

Adobe has a detailed summary of precomps and how to use them in their official documentation. It’s worth a read.

For a MUCH more entertaining look at using precomps in After Effects, we love this tutorial by our friend Joey at School of Motion:

This video was created as part of the 30 Days of After Effects series. Thanks for sharing Joey!

Have any tips for working with precomps in After Effects? Share in the comments below.