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Adobe Premiere Pro Video Tutorial: The Multi-Camera Tool

Caleb Ward

In this video tutorial, learn how to edit multiple cameras using the multi-cam tool in Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro

When editing a TV show or event it can be really time consuming to edit a sequence with multiple cameras. However, in Premiere Pro there is a really handy multi-camera tool designed to help save a bunch of time when editing a multi-camera sequence. The process uses nested sequences and takes only a few seconds to set up. The following video by Infinite Skills shows us how to set up and use the multi-camera tool. The video covers:

  • In-point & out-point syncing
  • Timecode & audio waveform matching
  • Using nested sequences
  • Keyboard shortcuts in the multi-camera window
The audio waveform matching feature is one of our favorite features in the multi-camera tool. It can serve as a cheap alternative to using expensive programs such as PluralEyes.

This video was first shared by Infinite Skills on their YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing guys!

Know of any other easy ways to use the Multi-Camera tool in Premiere? Share in the comments below.