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Adobe Premiere Video Tutorial: Eliminating Background Noise in Audition

Caleb Ward

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest differences between a well made film and a poorly made film is the audio. While the audio editing tools built into video editing softwares like Premiere Pro are great, sometimes you need more tools than what’s included. The good folks in Adobe realize this problem and have created a helpful way to merge Premiere and Audition using the Dynamic Link. The following video tutorial shows us how to use this feature to clean up noisy audio. The video covers:

  • Using the Adobe Dynamic Link
  • Working with Spectral Frequency Display
  • Using Learn Sound Model Tool
  • Working with Sound Remover

The best way to get good audio is to record it on-set. If you are interested in learning more about capturing good audio while on production check out out post on boom operators.

This video was first shared on Adobe’s website. Thanks for sharing guys!

Have any tips for editing audio in Audition? Share in the comments below.