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Adobe SpeedGrade Video Tutorial: Fixing Uneven Background Lighting

Caleb Ward

Fixing unevenly lit backgrounds is easy in Adobe Speedgrade.

Getting an evenly lit background is admittedly a very difficult task to accomplish. The naked eye can deceive us into thinking a green screen or solid white background is perfectly lit, when in reality it might have hotspots that can only be seen on camera.

If you had a decent external monitor on-set you could avoid these issues, but even if you’re realizing you have a lighting problem in post it’s not the end of the world. Using the built-in tools in Adobe SpeedGrade you can easily fix unevenly lit backgrounds. The following video tutorial shows us how to easily preform this technique. The video covers:

  • Using False Colors
  • Reading Waveforms
  • Pushing Highlights

If you want more info on lighting for green screen check out our Essential Tips for Shooting Green Screen.

This video was first shared by Curtis Judd on his YouTube Channel. Thanks for sharing Curtis.

Have any other tips for fixing background lighting in post? Share in the comments below.