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Adobe Updates Video Apps

Caleb Ward

Adobe has released a CC 2014.2 update to all their video editing applications.

Creative Cloud subscribers rejoice! The video applications inside the Creative Cloud have been updated all around. All of these updates are free for Creative Cloud subscribers and are available for installation today.

Premiere Pro

Premiere Logo

Adobe’s update to Premiere Pro is more of a series of bug fixes than a groundbreaking update, but nevertheless useful. Some notable issues resolved include:

  • XDCAM HD proxy files appear with red frames
  • Crash when exporting AAF with disabled clips that have cross fades applied
  • Audio dropouts during shuttling
  • Audio drops out while playing out to tape
  • Export AAF with 24 bit embed option creates distorted audio files
  • Stop playback command ignored when editing or playing a multicam sequence

For more information regarding the update for Premiere Pro check out the Premiere Pro release post on the Adobe Blog.

After Effects

After Effects Logo

The After Effects update focused mainly on improvements to scripting and expressions. Scripts will now be able to read additional information regarding text layers. Users will now be able to control character properties and layer coordinates using new attributes outlined in Adobe’s After Effects blog post.

If you’ve used After Effects CC 2014.1 than you’ve probably realized that the keyframe icons are hard to see against the dark background. To fix this problem After Effects is also getting a small makeover. Keyframe icons are being brightened to pop out against the dark background, making them easier to see/press.

There are are also various bug fixes inside of After Effects including:

  • A cause of crashes on quit after Video Copilot Element 3D is used was fixed.
  • The sampleImage expression method no longer causes multiprocessing to disable.
  • Applying animation presets from Bridge works as expected and no longer results in an error message.
  • Color management no longer causes a color or gamma shift in rendered images when multiprocessing is enabled.
  • Warp Stabilizer effect has been updated to fix a cause of crashes on the late 2013 model Mac Pro.
  • A cause of poor Dynamic Link performance when the main After Effects application is open has been fixed.

You can read more about the After Effects update from Adobe’s blog post regarding the update.


Speedgrade Logo

SpeedGrade received minor improvements to improve Color Wheel usability. Users will now be notified when a GPU has insufficient capacity for displaying high-quality footage. Plus, A Master Clip will now remain selected when the Playhead moves into a new clip.

Many bug issues were fixed inside of Speed Grade CC including:

  • UI issue where Media Browser tree failed to display icons
  • SpeedGrade will now recall which scopes were toggled after restarting application
  • SpeedGrade will now correctly render a group with variable opacity (Native Mode)
  • SpeedGrade no longer crashes when a GPU with insufficient capacity is used in Direct Link
  • Image no longer compromised when “No LUT” layer used (Direct Link mode)

There are many more bug fixes inside of SpeedGrade which can be found on Adobe’s blog.

Media Encoder

Media Encoder Logo

The most exciting update comes from Media Encoder. Users will now be able to export videos directly to YouTube and Vimeo from Media Encoder. The first time you use this feature you will need to give enter your YouTube/Vimeo login information.

Vimeo presets have also been updated to reflect Vimeo’s guidelines. In addition to Vimeo GoPro CineForm presets have been updated as well. Users can now export separate WAV files for each channel from your source file.

  • Notable bugs have been fixed including:
  • Smart rendering ProRes sources is very slow
  • Some h.264 exports were using the wrong colorspace
  • ProRes XQ sources decode with incorrect gamma setting
  • In some situations timecode overlay would drift out of sync
  • PNG image sequence export was very slow

You can read more about the Media Encoder update from the blog post on Adobe’s website.

There were also some improvements to Story, Audition, and  Prelude. For more information regarding those programs or any of the softwares mentioned in this article check out the overview post on the Adobe blog.

Pricing and Availability

All of these updates are immediately available for free to Creative Cloud subscribers.

Are you excited by any of these updates? Share in the comments below.