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After Effects Video Tutorial: City Destruction

Caleb Ward

Learn how to turn a city into a pile of smoldering rubble with this Adobe After Effects video tutorial.

Integrating live action footage with motion graphics is one of the most challenging parts of the VFX process. For big budget Hollywood films, this technique, known as compositing, usually takes teams of people months of work and planning. However, you aren’t a team of people and you probably don’t have months to finish your project.

Luckily, After Effects wizard Andrew Kramer has created this helpful video tutorial that explains how to composite destruction effects into live-action footage. The tutorial covers:

  • 3D Camera Tracker
  • Transfer Modes
  • Using Color Effects to sell compositing.
  • Creating a Depth Parallax
  • Integrating Video Assets into Live-Action Footage

You can download the footage used in this tutorial from the corresponding blog post on Video Copilot’s website.

This video was first shared by Andrew Kramer at Video Copilot. Thanks for sharing!

If you want to see even more high-end compositing and VFX tutorials for After Effects, head over to Video Copilot’s website. They have hundreds of video tutorials that are all super-inspiring and helpful. I can’t recommend them enough.

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Have any other Tips of Mass Destruction for integrating annihilation elements into live action footage?
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