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After Effects Video Tutorial: Facial Expressions with Liquify Tool

Caleb Ward

Use the liquify tool in After Effects as a cunning way to give characters realistic emotions.

Giving human-like emotions to 2D characters is a unique challenge. It has to be executed skillfully to feel ‘natural’. Unfortunately, for many motion designers this is too difficult or time consuming.

We recently came across the following tutorial which offers up a unique approach for creating realistic character emotions in After Effects. The tutorial uses the liquify tool to animate create facial expressions in AE. Fundamentals covered include:

  • Liquify Tool
  • Expressions
  • Rigging Hair
  • Using the Puppet Tool

All of the techniques in this tutorial are applied to a still picture, but the liquify tool still works on live action footage and moving objects as well. If you have any uses for this technique let us know in the comments below!

This tutorial was first shared by Daniel Gies on his Vimeo Page. Thanks for sharing Daniel!

Have any tips for using this technique? Share in the comments below.