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Animate Clean Commercial Graphics in Adobe After Effects

Joshua Noel

Grow your brands and advertise your products by creating attention-grabbing product promos using Adobe After Effects.

When you’re creating a product promo, it falls to you as a motion graphics artist to showcase the product and help boost sales. Animated product promos can make fantastic banner ads — or even video advertisements on social media. To create an effective product promo, you need to make sure the products are easy to see, and pleasing to look at. This means making sure your motion graphics do not overpower the product images themselves.

The Focus of This Tutorial

In this Adobe After Effects tutorial, we will focus on clean graphic design using titles and image layout. We will also cover unique animation styles for each layer. Moreover, you will learn how to replicate your own product promo and create unique compositions for multiple products.

What you’ll take away from this tutorial:

  • Building a great layout with a graphic design focus.
  • Creating custom image shapes for your product images.
  • How to use fonts to emphasize information.
  • Using animation to carefully reveal each element in a thoughtful way.

Make sure to keep your motion graphics consistent with the brand of the business. If the business is going for a fun theme, throw in some exciting elements that can represent that theme. If the business brand is more minimalistic, keep all design and motion elements clean. Remember, your primary goal is to showcase the client’s product and generate interest among potential customers.

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