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Animating a Logo or Icon in Apple Motion

Caleb Ward

The following video tutorial demonstrates a solid workflow for creating an animated logo in Motion.

Apple Motion is a powerful motion graphic design software specially designed for functionality with Final Cut Pro. While arguably not as powerful as software such as Adobe After Effects or The Foundry’s Nuke, Motion still serves as a great tool for people who desire to make professional quality motion graphics or composites.

Is most of your motion graphics work for corporate clients? If so,  knowing how to create awesome motion logos is imperative. In the following video, the guys from MacBreak Studio show you how to use Motion to create an animated logo. The video covers:

  • Layers and animation
  • Zooming
  • Using shape layers
  • Editing gradient layers
  • Duplicating layers
  • Using the replicator
  • Roundness parameters
  • Using the font editor

This video was created by MacBreakStudio. Thanks for sharing guys!

Have any tips for animating logos in Motion?
Share in the comments below.

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