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Apple Motion Video Tutorial: Behaviors vs. Keyframes

Caleb Ward

Using behaviors is often faster than using keyframes in Apple Motion… if you know when to use them.

Keyframes are a staple of all motion graphics apps, but in Apple Motion they aren’t always the fastest way to create your animations. For example, if you wanted to simply have an object fall off the screen you could edit the position keyframes so that it moves down the Y-axis over time, but if you wanted a quick fix you could simply add in the ‘gravity’ behavior.

Behaviors, like keyframes, represent motion in your scene. However unlike keyframes, behaviors will continue their animation “loops” into infinity and are not dependent on having keyframes at certain points in time.

“It’s like the video game version of building motion graphics” – Mark Spencer

So, the secret is knowing the best time to use behaviors and the best time to use keyframes. In the following video tutorial presented by MacBreak Studio, we will learn how to use behaviors and what situations may be most ideal to use them in. The video covers:

  • Using Behaviors
  • Adjusting Parameters
  • Previewing Behaviors

If you have any questions about behaviors or animation in Motion be sure to check out the rest of the MacBreak Studio series on their YouTube channel.

This was first shared on the PixelCorps YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing guys!

Do you use behaviors in Motion? Have any tips for using them? Share in the comments below.

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