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Apple Updates Logic Pro X with Improved FCPX Integration

Caleb Ward

Apple Updates Logic Pro X, adds 12-core support and improved FCPX integration.

Logic Pro X

Apple has announced it’s latest update to their popular audio editing software Logic Pro X. The update comes at a time when more and more film and video editors are using LPX in a Final Cut Pro X workflow. In fact, this update addresses some of the issues associated with FCPX integration. The updates include:

  • Now supports 24 processing threads on 12-core Mac Pro models
  • The current volume, pan, and send values for all selected tracks can now be inserted at the playhead position
  • Enabling Low Latency Mode no longer creates sync issues for Drummer, Ultrabeat, Native Instruments Machine and other plug-ins with integrated step sequencers
  • Automation can now be copied and pasted to any location using the Marquee tool
  • Adds an option for MIDI volume and pan data to control the instrument plug-in instead of the channel strip
  • Resolves several snap and alignment guide issues
  • Various fixes that improve XML import and export with Final Cut Pro X
  • Contains multiple enhancements to Accessibility

This update addresses the XML import problems brought up by Alex4D. If Alex was correct in his assessment of the problems hindering Logic/Final Cut Pro integration this could be a turning point for FCPX workflow. But don’t take our word for it, download the update today from the Mac Store.

If you don’t already use Logic Pro X with Final Cut Pro X don’t worry. Terms like latency and MIDI it can seem really foreign to video editors. To clear things up check out this workflow course on mixing FCPX and Logic Pro X, and you’ll quickly be integrating it into your workflow.

What do you think of these updates? Have any tips for integrating Logic Pro X with FCPX? Share in the comments below.