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Behind the Scenes: Kindle Paperwhite Commercial

Caleb Ward

Check out this awesome mixed media Kindle commercial plus a behind the scenes look.

We are a huge fan of mixed media productions here at Premiumbeat. The fact that most videographers are creating projects entirely on a computer makes mixed media a nice breath of fresh air. On that note, we just came across this awesome commercial shot for the Kindle Paperwhite in China and it was mesmerizing. The commercial seemed rather simple to make, but it is incredibly effective and luckily we found a behind-the-scenes video to show us how the process was done. So if you haven’t seen the commercial here it is:


Not only is the commercial clever and creatively built, but it also has an organic feel that makes it almost seem fake…which led us to investigate. As it turns out the commercials smooth pacing isn’t a result of fancy editing but amazing timing during production. The project was the brainchild of director Lucas Zanotto who specializes in mixing classic media with motion graphic design.

The following video takes us behind the scenes of the commercial shoot:

Have any other mixed media videos to share? Share in the comments below.