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The Best Camera Cages to Maximize Your Rig

Jourdan Aldredge

Consider these camera cages to maximize your video production.

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When you’re building your rig for a shoot, you may find yourself pressed for space. Instead of making decisions on how to downsize or drop external monitors for more audio recording space or vice versa, why not maximize your workspace by using a camera cage?

A good camera cage can provide not only more space but also better maneuverability, improved stability, and more mounting options. Let’s explore five different options that – depending on your camera – may be worth your investment.

Kamerar TK3

The Best Camera Cages to Maximize Your Rig — Kamerar

Compatible with almost any camera, the TK3 can provide a maximized and steady platform. A sturdy build, the cage provides extra protection against drops or dings along with solid add-on options like rails for follow focus and/or matte boxes. Plus the added weight is helpful for smoothing out camera moves.

Price: $179.99

For a full review, check out this video by Curtis Judd.


The Best Camera Cages to Maximize Your Rig — SMALLRIG

Lightweight and compatible with the vast majority of DSLR cameras (FYI: SmallRig offers many other camera-specific rigs as well), the SmallRig VersaFrame is an affordable, simple, and versatile option for a variety of your mount and camera rig needs. With its non-invasive design, you can still access every part of your DSLR camera to adjust settings or work with the viewfinder — along with your standard assortment of rods, short- and long-arm options, and hot shoe connections.

Price: $75.97

Wooden Camera

The Best Camera Cages to Maximize Your Rig — Wooden Camera

Designed by a husband and wife duo in Dallas, Texas. Wooden Camera’s innovative take on camera-specific cage products offers a new sophistication to the technology. With a wide variety of shoulder mounts, rigs, and other camera-mounting devices, Wooden Camera’s cages are high quality, durable, and tailored to the needs of a modern filmmaker.

Price: Varies on Camera

Here’s a review of one of Wooden Camera’s DSLR quick cages.


The Best Camera Cages to Maximize Your Rig — TILTA Cage

We’ve featured the TILTA ES-T17-A for SONY α7 Series, which has a great reputation with Sony videographers, but TILTA offers camera rigs and cages for all levels of cameras up to ARRI and RED build-outs. With add-ons like the stylish and comfortable wooden handle to go along with all the mountable bells and whistles you’d expect, the stainless steel build is worth the higher price for its quality.

Price: $480.00


The Best Camera Cages to Maximize Your Rig — CAME-TV

Representing some higher-end options for your camera cage needs, CAME-TV’s cage kits (whether they are DSLR like the one above, or a different camera), offer comprehensive add-on capabilities. CAME-TV’s complete customization plus dual stage swing away matte box allows you to fully turn your camera rig into a cinema studio form factor.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the different CAME-TV options.

Price: Varies on Model

Which camera cage do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

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