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Cinema 4D & Photoshop Tutorial: Alien Invasion

Joey Korenman

A UFO descends upon a suburban neighborhood in Part 1 of our 2 part ‘Alien Invasion’ series. Learn how to create this effect using Cinema 4D and Photoshop.

You step outside and…wait…what is that?! A giant UFO is hovering over your neighbor’s house!

That’s the basis for our latest 3D and compositing tutorial. Let’s take a look at the final video…

As the price of high-end software comes down and competition heats up in the market, it’s increasingly more important for video editors and motion designers to have a broad, multi-app skillset. In this tutorial series we’ll jump into THREE different applications to create this 3D effect. In part 1 below, we explore the modeling side of the project and learn how you can use Photoshop in your Cinema 4D workflow to create realistic textures. Topics covered include:

  • Modeling a UFO
  • Using textures to convey scale
  • Using Photoshop to create textures
  • Tiling textures
  • Using Greebles
  • Creating realistic lighting
  • Optimizing bump mattes

In an upcoming tutorial, part 2, we’ll jump into After Effects to cover tracking, compositing and additional effects.

The texture library that I mentioned in the video is If you do a lot of modeling you might consider getting a premium membership so you can have access to higher-res images.

Have any Cinema 4D tips or questions? Share in the comments below!