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Cinema 4D Tips for Beginners

Caleb Ward

Fast-track your 3D skills with these awesome Cinema 4D tips.

Cinema 4D can be a very intimidating program to learn if you are new to 3D software. Unfortunately, this learning curve keeps many people from ever developing the skills to use Cinema 4D correctly – but not you.

Cinema 4D Screenshot

You are a motivated individual that loves learning new things. And this quick video tutorial is full of new things for anyone interested in learning the necessary basics of Cinema 4D. Notable hints covered in the video include:

  • Importing Photoshop Paths
  • Importing Background Images
  • Fixing Broken Splines
  • Undoing Camera Movement
  • Using Emitters
  • Hiding a Cloner Object
  • Comparing Renders in the Picture Viewer

The video was first shared by the good people at Rate My Funeral. Thanks for sharing, guys!

Interested in learning more Cinema 4D hints and tricks? Of course you are. Check out these resources:

Have any other must-learn tips for Cinema 4D beginners? Share in the comments below.