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Cinema 4D Tutorial: Liquified Objects

Caleb Ward

Create a impressive Cinema 4D liquid objects effect in less than one minute. Learn how in this video tutorial.

The C4DAPT2 event (Cinema 4D Advanced Production Techniques)  recently challenged motion designers to show off their best advanced Cinema 4D tricks in less than a minute. The winner was designer Matteo Forghieri, with this totally impressive C4D liquify effect.

Be sure to watch in HD, full screen:

‘Liquification’ is a popular animation technique that can look intimidating to create, but the tutorial quickly breaks down how to use cloning, tracer objects and segmenting in a simple way. We love the organic look and are thinking of all the ways it can be applied to a variety of project types and animations.

If you’re looking to create a liquify effect in After Effects be sure to check out our previous post: Adobe After Effects Video Tutorial: Flying Liquid Blobs.

This Cinema 4D video tutorial was first shared on Matteo Forghieri’s Vimeo channel. Thanks for sharing Matteo!

[tip-off via Lester Banks]