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Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: Animated Elevation Maps

Caleb Ward

Learn how to create this super cool elevation map animation in this Cinema 4D video tutorial.

Creating landscapes in Cinema 4D is surprisingly easy task to accomplish. Using the built-in tools within Cinema 4D it’s relatively easily to create topographies and add textures. We recently shared this quick topographies post from Greyscalegorilla but we couldn’t help but share this one as well…

In the following video tutorial by EJ Hassenfratz of Eyedesyn, he demonstrates how to use Cinema 4D to create this animated elevation:

Elevation Map Demo

Whether you’re into doing landscape renderings, or just curious about how to get this awesome effect, the following Cinema 4D tutorial is worthwhile viewing. It covers:

  • Manipulating landscape objects
  • Applying gradients to simulate elevation
  • Sketch and toon effect
  • Applying contours to simulate height
  • Using the graph editor for smooth animation

This tutorial uses only effects and tools that are native to Cinema 4D, no 3rd party plug-ins needed.

This video was created and shared by EJ Hassenfratz. Thanks for sharing!

If you’re looking for more Cinema 4D tutorials go check out EJ’s website Eyedesyn.com. While you’re there check out the freebies section where you can download free 3D models and presets to help you on your motion graphic journey.

Have any tips for simulating height in Cinema 4D? Share in the comments below.