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Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: House Builder Tool

Caleb Ward

Cinema 4D has added a new house builder tool in the latest release. Learn how to use this feature to quickly create architectural designs.

You’ve always been able to create architectural models in Cinema 4D, but up until this point it hasn’t always been easy. More specifically, there haven’t been tools designed to help streamline the process. That is until the latest R16 release.

One of the less talked about features in the newest C4D version is the new House Builder tool. As the name implies, the House Builder allows users to easily create 3D structures/buildings in Cinema 4D with added presets to make the whole process easier.

In the following Cinema 4D video tutorial, we will take a look at how to use the new House Builder tool, including:

  • Adjusting Room Parameters
  • Using the Knife Tool
  • The Slide Tool
  • Creating Doors and Windows
  • Using Texture Presets

This tutorial uses Cinema 4D R16 which is scheduled to be released in September of 2014. If you want to see more tutorials on R16, or Cinema 4D in general, check out the Cinema 4D section of our blog.

Do you anticipate using the House Builder tool? Share your thoughts in the comments below!