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Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: Inflated Text

Caleb Ward

Use the pressure parameter to create an awesome inflated text effect in Cinema 4D.

Object dynamics are incredibly easy to manipulate in Cinema 4D. However, one of the dynamic settings that sometimes gets overlooked is the pressure parameter.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.43.19 AM

In short, the pressure parameter expands your object to make it appear inflated or deflated. The following video tutorial shows us how to create this simulated look using Cinema 4D native tools. The tutorial covers:

  • Activating the Collision Parameter
  • Working in the Soft Body Tab
  • Using the Pressure Parameter
  • Using the Graph Editor to Smoot Keyframes

This video was first shared by HelloLuxx on their YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing guys!

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Have tips for working with soft body dynamics in Cinema 4D? Share in the comments below.