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Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: Modeling Complex Shapes

Caleb Ward

Model complex shapes using splines as guides in the Cinema 4D Video tutorial.

Working complex shapes can be one of the most challenging aspects of 3D modeling. 3D modeling blogger and guru Lester Banks says “ if you can create and place a single polygon, then you can build anything”. He’s right, It’s not the modeling that’s the hard part…it’s figuring out how to approach it.

In the following video tutorial by Devin Sloan he demonstrates how to use splines as guides to make complex shapes. The video covers:

  • Using splines as guides
  • Placing polygons along spline paths
  • Finding symmetry in complex shapes

This video was first shared by Devin Sloan on his Vimeo channel. Thanks for sharing Devin!

If you’re interested in watching more Cinema 4D tutorials check out Devin’s Vimeo page and of course you can check out the Cinema 4D section of our blog.

Have any other tips for modeling complex shapes? Share in the comments below.