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Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: Slow Motion Rain

Sean Frangella

In this exclusive video tutorial you’ll discover how to create realistic rain in Cinema 4D.

Particle generators play an extremely important role in motion graphics. From rain to stars, particles have a way of adding in extra detail that will take your design to the next level, without having to keyframe or add movement to each shape. Did you know you can create particles in C4D without any third party plugins?

In the exclusive video tutorial below we’ll use a particle generator to create slow motion rain. The Cinema 4D fundamentals covered include:

  • Working with presets
  • Texturing Rain Drops
  • Creating Particle Emitters
  • Using the Editor as a Proxy
  • Changing Gravity Rotation

Even if you normally use After Effects to create rain this method is extremely helpful. Namely, because this method uses no 3rd party plug-ins. To get a similar looking effect in After Effects you would have to use a 3D particle generator like Trapcode Particular, which can be a bit costly.

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