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Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: Sound Effector Animation

Caleb Ward

One of the coolest, yet underutilized, features in Cinema 4D is the Sound Effector tool. The Sound Effector allows users to link object parameters to the waveforms of an audio clip. So things like scale, position, or color could all be effected based on the intensity or frequency of a given audio file.

In the following video tutorial created by the always engaging Nick Campbell of Greyscalegorilla, he shares a technique for using the Sound Effector to get this awesome result:

The tutorial covers a variety of uses for the Sound Effector, along with various Cinema 4D techniques:

  • Working with Clones
  • Assigning Parameters to Sound Wave Intensity
  • Frequency Based Scaling Effects
  • Coloring Objects Based on Frequency
  • Integrating 3D Objects into After Effects

In the second half of the video, Nick shows us how to composite the footage in After Effects. If you don’t already have a copy of After Effects you can get a free trial from Adobe’s Creative Cloud website.

This video first shared by Nick from GreyscaleGorilla. Thanks for Sharing Nick!

If you want to learn more about using the Sound Effector in Cinema 4D check out a few of the following resources:

Looking for music or sound effects to use with the Sound Effector tool? Check out our extensive library here at PremiumBeat. From dubstep to footsteps you’ll find it here.

Have you ever used the Sound Effector tool in Cinema 4D? Share in the comments below.