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Cinema 4D Video Tutorial: Text Wrapping

Sean Frangella

Create a wrapped text effect in Cinema 4D in this exclusive PremiumBeat video tutorial.

There are a lot of simple techniques that you can do to boost your motion graphics credibility to your clients and audience. In this post we share a Cinema 4D technique that will almost assuredly be liked by your clients:

The following Cinema 4D tutorial demonstrates how to create a 3D text wrap – a tried and true effect in C4D. This tutorial will use no outside plug-ins. It covers:

  • Extruding Objects
  • Motion Graphic Fonts
  • Working with Wrap Parameters
  • Scaling Fonts While Maintaining Wrap Size
  • Grouping Objects
  • Simple Keyframing
  • Basic Textures
  • Working with Ambient Occlusion

Want to further your skills? This is one of the many Cinema 4D tutorials on the PremiumBeat blog, so be sure to check them out.

Have any questions regarding this Cinema 4D tutorial? Have any other techniques you want to share? Share in the comments below.